#53 Apps for Education

This week we review techtools used as apps for both

Android (Google Play)

or Apple (Need to dowload iTunes).

This is not an apple vs android review or debate. I am presenting my top 5 tablet apps for teachers in the classroom. These apps are available on all devices, they are web based apps. The main idea of these 5 apps is to make things easier to share, prepare and preview, no matter what the device. I could easily do a single post on each of the apps, but today I am presenting a quick overview of my current top 5. These are in alphabetical order. I will review the app that you choose in more detail. Simply vote on the poll found at the bottom.

1. Dictionary.com (Free with Ads)

2. Diigo (Free)

3. Dropbox (Free 2GB account)

4. Evernote (Free Account)

5. Splashtop HD

1. Dictionary.com

  • It is free with ads. (Android $2.82, Apple $5.49 without ads, I still have it with ads).
  • It is a portable dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Easy to search – as you type suggestions come up, you can also use voice activation.
  • Shows whether it is a noun, verb, adjective etc..
  • Includes origin of the word.
  • Provides the word of the day plus:

- short post on an interesting fact of the English language.
- Question of the day
- and a look at dictionary words searched by others in your area.

  • You can use it as a focus for a whole grade, small groups, pairs or individuals.

2. Diigo

  • We have reviewed aspects of diigo previously Diigo – The Social Bookmarking site and Diigo – Groups.
  • It is a browser – you can do your Internet research here.
  • You are able to preview and bookmark to your diigo library.
  • You can also share to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and more.
  • It has a great read later tool, it allows you to save webpages to read when offline. (Great if you have something to show or share with the students and you don’t trust your network).
  • You can block ads in the settings.

3. Dropbox

  • It is free for 2GB Sign up here and download it to all of your devices.
  • We reviewed Dropbox for the PC back in 2010, there is so much more that we can do with it now.
  • In the beginning it was great to share the larger files, such as videos, music and photos.
  • I am currently using it as our network to save documents for grade 6, including timetable, resources and more.
  • It is accessible on every computer you download it to. I use it with my PC, my IWB and my tablet.
  • Documents are only for viewing on the iPad, however you can annotate them using apps such as Screen Chomp.
  • Can open files in Evernote to edit, annotate or add audio.
  • Can use a code to lock if you don’t want students to access.
  • Take pictures with the iPad and upload it to a student folder for assessment.

4. Evernote

  • We have reviewed Evernote on a previous post.
  • You can sort your notebooks with names.
  • Sharing folders is possible, however they cannot edit your notes unless you have a paid account.
  • Search your notes easily with tags.
  • You can also search your notes by a map. (It records where and when you added the note).
  • You can email notes directly to your notebooks. (Evernote provides and email link).
  • Add pictures to your notes from your camera roll, or pictures you take with the device.
  • Record audio directly to your notes using the mic on your device.
  • I have used it as a checklist for students when using the iPad. They have to follow the instructions in my notes to properly achieve the focus set with a certain app.

5. Splashtop Remote Desktop

  • Display and control the screen of your PCs connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Note – you have to also download Splashtop streamer to the computer you want to display.
  • Great when you want to show or share something that needs flash on the iPad.
  • It plays video and audio also.
  • It is smooth and easy to navigate. It informs you of how to use your hands to scroll, click etc when you open it.
  • You can also access your home desktop remotely. I have accessed files saved on my home computer when needed.
  • Easier to help somebody fix a small problem as you can see their screen remotely.

Don’t forget to vote below and leave a comment about these Apps, or other MUST HAVE Apps for educators!

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Good luck and look out for the next edition of Tech Tools for Teachers in two weeks.

Simon, Kathleen and Matt

4 thoughts on “#53 Apps for Education”

  1. Hi guys,
    Your posts are always full of great ideas which are explained so clearly that I can refer my students to your instructions. (Saves me heaps of time)
    I do use the first 4 apps but still picked up some very handy hints for using them.
    I’m not familiar with Splashtop but think it sounds useful as I’m about to order the new ipad and know there is an issue with flash. Also its other features sound interesting and I would like to know more about it.
    Thanks for sharing great ideas once again.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the apps advice! I think you must do your own research on an app called Nearpod too. It’s great for classroom use!
    Just an opinion :)

    I use it and it’s great!

    fyi: http://www.nearpod.com

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