#32 PhotoPeach

This week we review the tool


PhotoPeach is a tool that allows you to turn photos into a slideshow with music and captions.
Completed PhotoPeaches can be embedded on your blog or shared via email, Facebook, Twitter etc.

We like PhotoPeach because it:

● is free (for basic accounts*).
● is easy to use.
● allows you to make your PhotoPeaches “public”, “unlisted”, or “invitation required”.
● has many uses across all age groups and subject areas.
● is a medium for students to reflect and demonstrate their understandings.
● allows you to make your slideshow into a “story”, “spiral” or “quiz”.
● can be shared with an authentic audience.

How to Use PhotoPeach:

1. Register and create an account: Go to http://photopeach.com and click on “Sign Up” you will then be asked for your username, email and password. Tip: If you teach younger students, you could create one class account that all students could use.

2. Upload photos: Click on “Upload Photos” and select the location of your photos on your computer or online (Picasa or Facebook). Drag the photos around to arrange the play order. Double click on a photo to view a larger version. Drag any photos you don’t want to the right hand side where it says “Deleted Items”. Click “Next” when you’re done.

3. Choose your title and music: The next page will prompt you to write in a title for your PhotoPeach and a short description (optional). You can use the drop down menu to choose the speed you would like your PhotoPeach to play at. You can choose your background music from a selection of in-built tracks or by browsing YouTube. Click on a song title to listen to it. Press “Finish” when you’re done.

4. Add captions: Click on “Edit” and choose “Edit Captions and Photos”. Type your caption in the box, choose “Centre” or “Bottom” to place your caption and then click on the next photo. Tip: click on “blank” if you want to have a black screen with captions. This is useful for titles in your presentation. When you’re done, press “OK”.

5. If you want to make your PhotoPeach into a Quiz: Click on “Edit” and choose “Edit Captions and Photos”. Now click on each photo and then “Quiz” to add your questions. When you’re done, press “OK”.

6. Choose your privacy setting: Under “Tool Box (Owner Options)” click on the drop down menu to choose “Unlisted”, “Public” or “Invitation required”.  Note: PhotoPeaches are unlisted by default.

Extra Information

Comments: Visitors can comment on your slideshow without signing up. There could be a risk of innaproprite comments appearing on PhotoPeaches. To turn off comments click on Edit and then Manage Comments. Select “Don’t allow comments”

*Premium accounts: These are available for $3/month and allow you to download your slideshows to your computer, upload an unlimited number of photos, customise transition effects and upload your own music. In our opinions, the basic account offers all you need for general classroom use.

Ideas of how PhotoPeach can be used in the classroom:

● Students or teachers could create a PhotoPeach after an excursion or special event.
● Students could retell a story by creating a PhotoPeach.
● Classes could create a time-lapse story (eg. constructing a building, trees or plants changing, pets growing).
● Students could use PhotoPeach to present their research on a topic.
● Students could create a story and publish it as a PhotoPeach.
● Students could explain a maths or science concept by creating a PhotoPeach.
● Teachers could create a PhotoPeach Quiz to check students’ understandings.

Examples of how we have used PhotoPeach:

Discussing Favourite Foods

Kathleen team teaches with Kelly Jordan and they share a class blog. Kelly created a PhotoPeach to stimulate comments and conversations on our class blog about favourites foods.


A Day in the Life

As part of the Ugandan Global Project that Kathleen took part in during 2010, PhotoPeach was used to create “A Day in the Life of a Ugandan Student”.


Name that Angle Quiz

Our Californian friend, Linda Yollis uses PhotoPeach a lot on her class blog. Here is an example of how Linda created a quiz about angles for her students.


Good luck using PhotoPeach and look out for the next edition of Tech Tools for Teachers in two weeks.

Simon, Kathleen and Matt

● is a medium for students to reflect and demonstrate their understandings.
● allows you to make your slideshow into a “story”, “spiral” or “quiz”.

4 thoughts on “#32 PhotoPeach”

  1. Thanks so much for including me in your excellent PhotoPeach post! I really love this tool because, as you’ve said, it is easy to use and is a great way to present information.

    When I’m ready to create a PhotoPeach, I go through the pictures in my iPhoto and take screen shots of the ones I want to use. The photos show up on my desktop as photo 1, photo 2, photo 3…and then I can quickly upload the entire batch with one click.

    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and love the new website!


    1. @ Linda,

      You are a PhotoPeach super ★ and I recommend people head over to your blog if they want to see more good examples.

      Thanks for the screen shot tip!

      Glad you like the new website. Matt is working on a fantastic new logo which will look great on the site!

      Kathleen :grin:

  2. Thanks Kathleen. Photopeach gave students a quick and easy way to connect each of the ‘characteristics of living things’ with a visual image and present their work. There was a nice level of engagement evident. I can see this app being used again & again. The first ones are up on our class blog now with more to follow soon.

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